GRI allows you to quickly have your products tested in laboratories using equipment that we would recommend for your use. These tests, which are carried out directly at the manufacturer’s lab facilities, will not only confirm the choice of equipment, but also establish a performance guarantee and, if need be, a modification of the model and/or chosen options to ensure your objectives are being met. These tests are generally performed within 48 hours of receipt of your samples. GRI will then provide you with a written report of procedures and results together with a modified quote (if applicable).



With your input, we can analyze your projects to better recommend a selection of equipment and options in order to meet your objectives and this, according to your budget. Our team will work with you; get to know your expectations, goals and constraints so as to quickly recommend the best out of the array of manufacturers that we exclusively represent. We provide all of our equipment’s designs and can help position them according to your floor layout.



Most of the equipment we sell has been pre-run at the manufacturer’s factory. GRI has the necessary resources to assist you with all aspects related to installation. Indeed, the installation, start-up and required training of pellet mills, coolers, palletizers and automated bagging systems are always performed by the manufacturers’ accredited technicians. GRI will obtain the best rates for you, coordinate and supervise the work and handle any translations if necessary. Project managers can assist those clients who wish to handle their own installations. Throughout the years, GRI has translated hundreds of instruction manuals for manufacturers; therefore, we are in a position of assisting you.



Our team is comprised of technicians accredited by our manufacturers; this enables us to offer you the best maintenance and repair service possible. Doing business with GRI ensures that competent technicians, who are constantly being kept updated by manufacturers, handle your equipment. In addition, we only sell ORIGINAL REPLACEMENT PARTS, which means that you will never lose out on your warranties and always maintain your equipment in good working condition. We also have a mobile repair workshop for FISCHBEIN sewing equipment. Finally, the daily and direct contact we uphold with our clientele ensures that you will obtain the quickest service from manufacturers. 



Over the years we have developed a unique expertise in the production of compliance reports. Once the data collection phase is complete, we will analyze the information and, upon request, produce a comprehensive customized report with recommendations. We can assist you at all times, whether you need to determine the actual force of magnets or control the performance of hammers in your hammermill, whatever their brand, ahead of an inspection or as part of your regular maintenance plan. 




Over time, GRI has also developed an expertise in producing replacement parts wear analyses for hammermills and pellet mills of all brands. Whether you are being proactive or are faced with a specific situation, we will carry out an analysis of your parts and will present you with a comprehensive report that includes all the required information, together with our recommendations, so as to allow you to take the necessary measures to increase your equipment’s productivity, reduce productions costs, improve granulometry or the quality of pellets, etc. In addition, this service generally enables you to determine issues that must be checked at the entrance and at the exit of the equipment, and, as a result, to control for instance, premature wear, contamination, feeding, etc.



Always concerned with providing you with a customized service, our consumer supply reports have been evolving since 2001 and are produced to assist you with monthly inventory management. Whether this be for bagging supplies such as thread, crepe tape, filler cord or for replacement parts such as hammers, rods and screens for hammermills, or dies and shells for pellet mills of all brands: these reports assist you AT NO COST with stock management and are based on your purchases and consumption. These reports are strictly confidential. For several years now, large companies have been making use of this service on a monthly basis and, as a result, their purchasing department have reduced their workload.



To ensure the capacity of your magnets whether that is for purification, separation or transport purposes, we provide a proven verification service: in his first visit the technician will take inventory of your magnets, to identify them, locate them and carry out individual strength tests in several steps. Following this data collection, a full analysis will be carried out in our offices and a comprehensive report will be produced stating the compliance or non-compliance of the magnets tested according to their specification and location. If applicable, we will provide you with a quote for the replacement of non-compliant parts or units. Several large companies make use of our services on an annual basis.