GRI Advantage


With a solid 53 years of experience, we have amassed an impressive database on most of the equipment manufactured by the providers we represent. This wealth of information along with our network of experts, makes us an important partner when you are looking for replacement parts or when you are about to make important changes, repairs or acquisitions. We are able to assist you quickly, whether it be for blueprints or original parts, and this, always in an attempt to ease your ordering process. 

Since its inception, GRI has represented the most important manufacturers in all its spheres of operation. GRI works in close collaboration with each of these manufacturers in order to always be on the cutting edge of new technologies and trends in the industry. We are proud of this collaboration and are committed to our obligations. A winner of several “oldest distributor” prizes, we nurture our relationships with our providers so you can benefit from them too. As one of our clients, you can take advantage, at no additional cost, of a technical assistance, quick and precise answers to your questions and thorough quotes that include all associated costs. Our providers are constantly producing new equipment, which allows us to speed up delivery times in case of emergency.


Our team is qualified to meet your expectations whether this pertains to your purchases, ensuring transportation to your chosen destination, handling import documents or setting up temporary storage. As part of our mandate, we guarantee a service that will help you save time. 


We will provide, if need be, the necessary translations for the proper understanding of your files; this includes instruction manuals for most of the equipment of manufacturers we represent. 


We are specialized in representation and mediation in order to reduce the time involved in your purchasing of equipment or parts. 


There is an added value when you purchase your equipment through GASTON RICHARD INC; in addition to representing the best manufacturers in all our spheres of operation, we also carry out a thorough follow-up of specifications, design, manufacturing process, delivery and even delivery if you so choose. We have a wide range of services that will help you in your decision-making process namely performance analyses on mill replacement parts and inventory tracking.